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Tasting Experiences in the Vault Room

Tasting Experiences at the Carnegie Whisky Cellars.

During the renovation of the Carnegie Courthouse the former records room was converted in to our tasting room. This room also holds a collection of Old, Rae & Collectible bottles.

Our Tasting Room offers the perfect atmosphere for enjoying a few drams, gins or wine with your friends and family. These tastings have been incredibly popular since we started them in 2016 and all of our tastings are designed to showcase a selection of different styles and companies.

These tasting are based to educate guests about what drinks the Scottish & Global drinks markets so unique.

We believe that whisky is the perfect drink to share an experience and to that end, we offer a selection of educational tastings. The Scottish Whisky industry can be traced back to our first written reference from the 15th Century and we are extremely proud to be part of that. Join us to become a “Master of Taste” as we support historic and new distilleries through our tastings.

We offer a range of entertaining and educational tasting experiences to learn about the best of the drinks industry, as of late 2023 we have added a wine tasting experience to indulge those that may not enjoy spirits as much.

We can tailor our tastings to suit all levels of knowledge, whether your clients are whisky newcomers or aficionados.

We are here to enhance your visit to the North Highlands.

Tasting Menu

Full Experience



  • Branded £25

    Have a favourite whisky producer or want to try more from one of the many distilleries, why not try our branded flight where you can explore the distinct flavours and character from a specific distillery. 

  • Regional Specific £25

    Indulge in the rich and diverse tapestry of regional whisky flavours whether you are a connoisseur of Speyside or a lover of Islay. Our curated tasting flight takes you on a journey through the distinct landscapes and distilleries of Scotland. The Regional Specific Flight invites you to savour the essence of a chosen whisky region, each offering a unique expression of craftsmanship to their one region.

  • Cask Strength £30

    Indulge your senses in an exquisite journey through the robust and unbridled world of cask-strength whiskies with our carefully curated tasting flight. Unleashing the full potential of these undiluted masterpieces, this flight is a celebration of intense flavours, commanding aromas, and a palate that demands your attention.

  • Cask Types £25

    Embark on a sensory journey through the rich tapestry of whisky expressions with our exclusive Cask Types Flight. This curated selection showcases the artistry of maturation, and finishes featuring distinct cask influences that shape the character of each dram. From the sweet embrace of Bourbon barrels, the complexities of Sherry casks or the array of finishes from Wines and Rums.