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Frequently Asked Questions

To save you searching for the answers, our most frequently asked questions are below.

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered below, then contact us directly and we’ll be happy to help.

Are dogs allowed into the shop?

Yes, we are very happy to welcome dogs, please let us know if they needs some refreshment.

Can I buy a voucher online?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer gift vouchers through our online store, but we can offer them in store, so please contact our team and they will be able to assist you.

Can you deliver to a third party?

Yes – simply input the recipient’s address in the “Shipping Address” section during checkout.

Can you ship outside of the UK?

Yes, but unfortunately, we are unable to do this through the website. We ask that you contact our team directly and they will be able to help. This can be done over the phone (01862 811 791) or via e-mail (  

Can I arrange a tasting which combines whisky & gin, either for the same person or different people at your tasting events?

No – Our tastings are based of educating people about the differences between whisky or gin. We have previously attempted it, but feel it hinders the experience.

Can I sell my bottle to you?

We do not normally purchase second-hand bottles but we can offer these for sale using a consignment system we have in place. For more information please contact Michael at

How many people do we need for a tasting?

We will happily host a tasting for two people, however, this will be kept open to the public – if nobody else joins we will still host it for two people. If you would like a private tasting, we require a minimum of 8 people.

Would you visit my hotel/hall/private event to host a tasting?

We try to discourage this as we have a very atmospheric Vaultroom inside our shop, with everything we need to host our experiences in the manner our customer have come to expect.

Can I reserve stock that has not been released yet?

We do not allow customers to pre-order allocated stock online, we do offer some items to our Dramnoch Whisky Club but this is after it has been officially released. This is for the practical reason that customers will often find out about new releases before we have had our allocations or prices confirms by our supplier.