Help for Heroes

Due to the success of the 2018 Lest we Forget bottling, the Carnegie Whisky Cellars and Wolfburn Distillery decided to team up again. Only this time it was to raise money for a different armed forces charity – this time an agreement was made with Help for Heroes.

Only 1939 bottles of this whisky have been created to mark the 80th Anniversary of the outbreak of WW2. £5 donated from every bottle purchased gives the potential to raise a phenomenal £9,695. £7,195 of this will go directly to HFH, with the remaining £2,500 going directly to Micky Yule to provide much needed sponsorship to enable him to continue competing, and with his motivational work – “with courage, self-belief and teamwork anything is possible”.

As our two relatively young businesses were opening in 2016, Micky Yule – a former Royal Engineers Staff Sergeant – was overcoming injury and epitomising ‘strength through adversity’ in his inspirational journey to becoming a champion Scottish powerlifter. He took the gold at the Invictus Games.

Micky Yule visited our team at the Carnegie Whisky Cellars and we took him for a visit to Wolfburn Distillery. During his trip he left a long last impression on our team and the people he got to share his inspirational story with.

Other than his tour of Wolfburn Distillery, Micky indulged in a well-deserved massage at the Courthouse’s Aspen Spa, had breakfast with the team and Todd Warnock – proprietor at the luxury Links House at Royal Dornoch – and stayed in the accessible Evelix Pod’s, just outside of Dornoch. Not to mention enjoying the Sutherland & Caithness scenery on the drive, with a few stops along the route.

Before we can let you through the door, we must know if you are over the legal drinking age in your county?

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