Dornoch Whisky Festival

The Dornoch Whisky Festival was established in 2015, but when the Carnegie Whisky Cellars opened in June 2016, we were given approval to create a limited edition bottling to be launched at each year’s festival.

During our first few months of being open, we developed a growing relationship with Wolfburn Distillery. This partnership can be seen through many of our projects, including the first two Dornoch Whisky Festival Bottlings. Like most Wolfburn’s, these are highly sought after by collectors.

In 2018 with Stephen Woodcock from Distell International being named as our VIP, we seen an opportunity to work closely with one of our suppliers and through Hunter Laing we selected a Single Cask Bunnahabhain distilled in 2005.

For the 2019 Dornoch Whisky Festival we approached our independent bottling suppliers and tried to source a single cask of The Macallan – paying tribute to that years VIP’s; the Whisky Makers from Macallan Distillery. Due to the vintages that were available being older than we expected, we decided to purchase a single cask from the Oldest Distillery in Orkney – Macallan’s sister distillery – and we’ll let you figure out which one that is. There are still some bottlings of last year’s offering available to purchase below here.

We look forward to this bottling developing from year to year.

"The Carnegie Whisky Cellars have been an invaluable asset to the Dornoch Whisky Festival. Their commitment to excellence in all aspects of business is apparent by their ability and influence to obtain new contacts and attendees for the festival, procure specialist products that other festivals do not have, offer a wealth of knowledge to the attendees regarding all products at the festival, host popular and innovative whisky and gin related events in conjunction with the festival, and generally be a constant source of assistance throughout the entire process - all of which, the Carnegie Whisky Cellars would consider to be standard practice for as to how they conduct business."
Lou Rollason
Event Manager, Dornoch Whisky Festival

Before we can let you through the door, we must know if you are over the legal drinking age in your county?

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