Wolfburn Clothing

Our team has created a very strong relationship with Wolfburn Distillery from our inception, but this partnership was taken to a new level in June 2019 when a member of our team was invited to help at the Wolfburn Table at the Mey Games in Caithness; during this event, a new partnership was created.

The Carnegie Whisky Cellars is the only shop aside from Wolfburn Distillery themselves that sell their branded clothing.

There are a selection of items available at the Carnegie Whisky Cellars including:

“Wolfburn has formed a long lasting friendship and partnership with Carnegie Whisky Cellars. In addition limited release bottlings, such as Dornoch Whisky Festival (2016 & 2017), Poppyscotland fundraiser (2018) and Help for Heroes (2019). The Carnegie Whisky Cellars is also the only retail outlet in the UK to stock a full range of Wolfburn-branded clothing. It’s a superb partnership and one that we hope continues to expand far into the future.”
Mark Westmorland
Wolfburn Brand Ambassador

Before we can let you through the door, we must know if you are over the legal drinking age in your county?

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